Endotine Forehead

Endoscopic Forehead Lift Procedure
  1. Make the Incision
    Make a sagittal , paramedian incision in the usual fashion. Perform the dissection, making sure to achieve adequate release.

  2. Determine The Dril Hole Site
    Lift the brow to the desired position. Plan the cranial hole so that the implant will ultimately lie under the hair-bearing scalp.

  3. Make The Hole
    Use the ENDOTINE Forehead drill bit to create a hole at the drill site. The hole should be located medial to the temporal fusion line and anterior to the coronal suture. Drill all the way to the bit sleeve. Suction the hole to remove all debris.

  4. Grasp The Device
    Use the ENDOTINE Forehead Insertion Tool to grasp the implant and remove it from its packaging. One needle-like tip of the tool fits into the hole in the ENDOTINE Forehead platform and the other end grasps the implant post.

  5. Place The Device
    Insert the ENDOTINE Forehead implant into the drilled hole. Push until the platform is flush with the cranium. Release the Insertion Tool from the implant.

  6. Elevate The Tissue
    Elevate BroW tissue to desired position. The implant may lie either anterior or lateral to the incision.

  7. Secure The Tissue
    Apply digital pressure to ensure penetration of the tissue by the device tines. Close the incision. A gentle pressure dressing is recommended to prevent dislodgement.