Cutting Edge Technology

Zoono is a mechanical molecular device that has biocidal properties. It has been reengineered into a water based solution which provides antimicrobial, anti fungal and anti algal protection of a broad spectrum antimicrobial sanitiser that continuously kills microbes for up to one month for each application - while being totally harmless to humans and animals. It is Food Safe & Green.

Zoono, the antimicrobial miracle, is made from organic compounds and is approved for use in food production areas by the NZ Food Safety Authority, Assure Quality and AQIS. Zoono is cutting edge, anti bacterial technology at its best.

The sword-shape long chain organic aliphatic component of the molecule stabs and electrocutes microbial cells on contact and continues to do so as it encounters new cells. Because it does not kill the organisms by toxicity, they cannot adapt to it, so there is no possibility of developing immunity.

Non-toxic Broad Spectrum protection proved to 28 days

The Key point of difference is that unlike all other sanitizers or disinfectants this antimicrobial agent remains permanently bonded to the target surface to which it is applied and functions by lysing (rupturing) microbial cells, destroying bacteria and viruses. It is permanently bonded to the surface. The monomer is not active until it has dried into the polymeric state and the film is insoluble and is stable through our pH ranges (2.5-7.0+) and temperature ranges as is remains stable in excess of 160C. Once applied to a target surface it bonds on all available receptor sites.

Zoono technology has been tested by organisations including Dow Corning USA, Biotest Australia, Mikrolab Germany, Abbott Laboratories UK, Bureau Veritas NZ plus several US Universities including Yale, Arizona State University and Iowa State University.

Organo Silane Technology

The long sword-shape Zoono molecule is a triumph of technologies : silane technology of silicon and oxygen molecules which combines with nitrogen technology to make a durable and long lasting bond to most surface whether porous or non-porous.

The Covalent bonding is what gives Zoono its long lasting effect. While a long chain of carbon atom causes its piercing effect, penetrating the walls of microbes attracted to the positively charged nitrogen.


Zoono (Zoonocide Z-71) and its companion product Germ Free 24 are bound anti-microbial products which become molecularly bonded to the surface to which they are applied and function by lysing (rupturing) microbial cells in a mechanical way. This mechanical rather than chemical action does not allow bacteria to mutate or become resistant.

Since a bound anti-microbial is fixed to the surface, it does not diminish in strength in relation to the number of pathogens killed. The Zoono molecule is capable of attacking new microbial cells again and again and because it does not kill the pathogen by poisoning with toxic chemicals, they cannot adapt to it hence no possibility of developing immunity (i.e. no possibility of superbugs).

Due to the combined factors of Zoono not diminishing in strength, not leaching off a surface, not being affected by regular washing and therefore being able to retain "mechanical" method of kill, Zoono usually remains active for upto a month with just a single application.

How does Zoono compare ?

ZONOOther Products
  • Physical Kill
  • Kills with poisoning of cells
  • Non Leaching
  • Leaching
  • Environmentally Stable
  • Bleeds harmful toxins into the environment
  • Non Carcinogenic
  • Some are Carcinogenic
  • Impossible to Mutate
  • Encourages mutations super resistant bugs
  • Long Life invisible Shield
  • Short life in seconds
  • Prevents Cross Contamination
  • Premits Cross Contamination
  • One Application
  • Multiple applications
  • Odourless
  • Unpleasant Odours
  • Non-toxic to humans, animals
  • Mostly highly toxic
  • Non Corrosive
  • Mostly Corrosive
  • Adheres to any surface
  • May not adhere to all surfaces

AiroCide En-conditioners

NASA Technology you can depend on for Indoor Air Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities

While hospitals provide important services in helping cure the sick, they are, by their very nature, places where cross contamination occurs. People come to Hospitals and Doctor's clinic to get well. They are scared to be exposed to the hospital air loaded with germs and harmful organisms. India's tropical climate accelerates the growth of deadly bacteria and viruses in Healthcare facilities. Most of these pathogenic strains are now becoming drug resistant which only enhances the threat levels in our hospitals and healthcare units.

The solution is elegant

Patented filter-less air purification technology built by NASA and clinically tested by the University of Wisconsin, Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University. It is listed as a class II medical device by the US FDA and has been proven to eliminate virtually 100% of all biological contaminants that enter its system - regardless of size. AiroCide generates no Ozone or any harmful by-product and uses no more power than a couple of 100-watt light bulbs. AiroCide eliminates airborne pathogenic and non-pathogenic micro-organisms in vegetative and spore states (bacteria, mold and fungi, viruses and dust mites), antibiotic and biocide resistant "super-bugs" and allergens as well as harmful volatile organic compounds from the enclosed environment. The technology is so powerful that it even annihilates the Volatile Organic Compounds, Bio-aerosols, viruses and bacteria not addressed by HEPA and laminar flow environments and gives you 99.9997% pure air.

AiroCide is a boon in controlling the spread of any highly dreadful, airborne mutated, virulent form of any virus or bacteria. AiroCide system provides high level of effectiveness, reducing cross contamination between health staff and patients and also improves the working condition of the caregivers within the hospital environment.

While air filters are used to remove impurities from the air at present, but being filters and with a pore size constraint they tend to choke with dust particles. Filters do not provide solution for Virus, Volatile Organic Compounds, chemical fumes, odors etc. When replaced the filters and the ducts if not handled and treated properly release the microbial load back into the environment. They are high on recurring and maintenance cost. Introduce AiroCide and things change. AiroCide technology built to change lives.

The Proven Technology

AiroCide patented NASA Technology utilizes a reaction chamber packed with tiny silicate tubes that have been coated with a catalyst Titanium dioxide (TiO2) that does not delaminate .The catalyst when excited by the 254nm light, emits a 3.2 volt electron from their highly reactive surface, a water molecule is split and trillions of surface bound hydroxyl radicals (OH-) are formed. Any organic matter regardless of its size that collides with it so instantly mineralized.

There is a fan to suck in the air which passes through the reaction chamber and in a single pass attains a purity of 99.9997%.It is an ongoing process (24*7) that purifies, sanitizes & disinfects indoor air.

Advantages of AiroCide

NASA technology working towards a better tomorrow